DC Motors

DC motors come in different types and voltages to cover many different applications. They are used mainly in industrial and commercial applications where varying speed while maintaining torque is important. We sell and service a wide variety of DC motors and have access to most manufacturers.

What is a DC Electric Motor?

DC motors are motors that provide increased horsepower and torque at varied speeds. They are commonly found in large industrial applications as well as electric vehicles and golf carts. Smaller DC motors are generally single voltage motors that range from 12 to 180 volts. These motors are typically used in fixed speed applications. A Shunt Wound DC motor is rated with one voltage for the armature and one for the fields. This type of motor is generally found in applications where varying speed is critical. Permanent Magnet DC motors are also a commonly used industrial motor. These motors only require one voltage, and consist of two magnets housed around a wound armature. Brushes, brush holders and commutator are commonly repaired parts within most DC motors. We stock the most common brush sizes and styles to get your DC motor back up and running.

Types Of DC Motors Available For Sale

  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Shunt Wound Motors