Three phase motors

Three phase AC motors come in many different sizes to suit many different applications. They are used mainly in municipal, industrial and commercial applications. Not all motors are economical to repair, but we can evaluate your motor and determine the best course of action. We sell and service a wide variety of three phase motors and have access to most manufacturers. Give us a call to discuss your situation and turn around needs and we will work with you to get you back up and running.

What is a Three AC Phase Electric Motor?

Three Phase AC motors are motors that run off of three individual phases of power. We primarily work on low voltage motors up to 600 volt. Three phase power is most commonly found in industrial and commercial applications where three phase power is provided from your utility company. There are numerous applications/uses for three phase motors in the manufacturing industry.

Types Of Three Phase AC Motors Available For Sale

  • Air Compressor Motors
  • Cooling Tower Motors
  • Inverter Duty Motors
  • Fan and Blower Motors
  • Chipper / Saw Mill Motors
  • Pump Motors
  • Vector Duty Motors
  • Explosion Proof Motors