Single phase motors

Single phase AC motors come in many different sizes and are used in a variety of different applications. Some of the more common single phase motors we repair consist of air compressors, pool & spa, table saws, exhaust fans, farm applications and HVAC. We sell and service most all single phase motors. Stop in or call with your motor information and we will guide you through the process.

What is a Single Phase AC Electric Motor?

A single phase AC motor is a motor run by phase to neutral power provided from your utility company. Single phase power is what most individual residences and commercial office buildings run off of. Single phase motors are commonly used in rural areas where motor loads are small. Farmers generally find themselves in this category due to their location.

Single phase motors tend to require more repairs than three phase motors due to the number of parts required to run them. In addition to the stator, rotor and bearings you find in all motors, the single phase can also have capacitors, stationary start switches, centrifugal switches and overloads. Unfortunately these additional parts can cause more frequent repair/maintenance requirements. Whether or not to repair or replace a motor is something to consider when your motor fails. The specifications (nameplate information) of the motor help determine whether you repair or replace your motor. If you have a special (original equipment manufactured – OEM) motor it may be more cost effective to try and have the motor repaired. It is always best to let our team of mechanics evaluate your motor and make recommendations based on your specific situation. We are able to offer a repair price and a replacement price so you can consider your options and decide what works best for you.

Types Of Single Phase Motors Available For Sale

  • Air Compressor Motors
  • Tobacco Barn Motors
  • HVAC Motors
  • Pool and Spa
  • Conveyor Motors
  • Fan Motors
  • Wood Working