Machine Work

Machine Shop Services

Clayton Electric Motor Repair has an in-house Machine Shop that can repair or remanufacture parts as needed.

Metalize Shaft & Replacement Shafts with Keyways

Jobs in our shop that have shaft damage are evaluated by our team of experts to provide the customer the best option for a top quality repair. We can machine your existing worn shaft by building it up with Metalizing Powder and turning it back down to its original specification. When shafts are deemed to be beyond repair, we have the capability to remanufacture new shafts to meet all critical specifications. We can repair keyways in your existing shaft or machine new ones in remanufactured shafts. We keep a variety of materials and tools in our shop to accomplish any job that may be needed.

Bore and Bush End Bell

During our repair evaluation, we take measurements to assure the bearings have the proper fit and tolerances in the end bells of your motor. If they are found to be out of tolerance, we are able to bore and bush the end bell with a housing sleeve. This repair ensures that the bearing does not move in the housing and often times prevents the motor from a beyond repair state.

Dynamic Balancing

Our technicians are trained to perform dynamic balancing. The rotating assembly (rotor) within an electric motor can get out of balance. This will cause excessive vibration in the motor. This often times leads to premature bearing failures. Rotors are checked by our state of the art equipment to make sure they are within allowable tolerances. If they are not we have the ability to add proper weighting to bring them back into a balanced state. We also have ability to balance fans, impellers and other various rotating assemblies.